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About us

Pribolab is one of major suppliers to provide global service of solutions in mycotoxin testing, with independent products research, development and application laboratory. We adhere to technological innovation for high-qualified and professional products and service, focusing on mycotoxin testing in research, production, technology and service. Our products and service are widely used in the field of food safety, pharmaceutical, agricultural medicine residues, risk monitoring and so on, while more than 30 mycotoxin testing, analyse and corresponding products are offered, including aflatoxin, trichothecene(deoxynivalenol and T-2), Zearalenone, Fumonisin, Ochratoxin, Patulin, Citrinin, Cyclophenylic acid and so on.

Pribolab Products:

PriboFast® mycotoxin immunoaffinity column

PriboFast® Mycotoxin dedicated solid phase purification column

PriboFast® Mycotoxin molecularly imprinted solid phase affinity column

PriboFast® KRC Photochemical Post-column Derivatives

Pribolab® MDU Photochemical Post-column Derivatives

Pribolab®Mycotoxin Concentrator

Pribolab® high speed homogenizer

Other mycotoxins detection equipment and supplies

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