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PriboMIP Fumonisin

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Instant use and optimize the extraction procedure.

High specificity, apply to trace analysis.

Convenient and quick operation, purification time is around 30s.

Suitable for aflation, zearalenone, deoxynivalenol, ochratoxin, fumonisin, T-2, patulin.

Comply with the articles of association of the European commission (EC) 1881/2006.

MIP technology give the columns high specificity during extracting, purifying and concentrating of mycotoxin which can effectively remove the interfering substance: 5 - HMF (results) .

PriboFast®Mycotoxin Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Columns Product List
Cat.No.Product NameTests
MIP-010-3PriboMIPTM Aflatoxin25T
MIP-020-3PriboMIPTM Zearalenone25T
MIP-030-3PriboMIPTM Deoxynivalenol25T
MIP-040-3PriboMIPTM Ochratoxin25T
MIP-050-3PriboMIPTM Fumonisin25T
MIP-060-3PriboMIPTM T-2 Toxin25T
MIP-070-3PriboMIPTM Citrinin  25T
MIP-080-3PriboMIPTM Patulin25T
MIP-520-3PriboMIPTM Fumonisin,Zearalenone25T
MIP-400-3PriboMIPTM AOZDFT Compound10T

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