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Vitamins B7/biotin ELISA Kit

Details description

Pribolab adopts advanced monoclonal antibody immunoassay to develop the vitamin testing immuno-affinity column and immune kit product, which has the following characteristics:

●    Monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and high affinity.

●    The test limit meets the national limited standard.

●    Good stability and reliability, with a recovery rate of 90% and long shelf life.

●    Vitamin test can apply to food, health products and other complex matrix.

PriboFast®Vitamins Test Series Product List
Cat.No.Product DescriptionTests
IAC-101-3PriboVitaTM Vitamins B12/Cobalamin Immunoaffinity Column25T
IAC-102-3PriboVitaTM Vitamins B7/Biotin Immunoaffinity Column25T
IAC-103-3PriboVitaTM Vitamins B9/Folic Acid Immunoaffinity Column25T

Special derivatives for biotin detection(StrAv-FITC)50mg/bottle

Folic Acid                 250mg/bottle

Vitamin B12          50mg/ bottle

Solid D- biotin standard               250mg/ bottle
EKT-101-96PriboVitaTM Vitamins B12/Cobalamine ELISA Kit96T
EKT-102-96PriboVitaTM Vitamins B7/Biotin ELISA Kit96T
EKT-103-96PriboVitaTM Vitamins B9/Folic Acid ELISA Kit96T

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