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  • New version of National Standards Commission[2018-03-20 08:51:33]

    October 14, the AQSIQ, the approval of the National Standards Commission, the revised "feed hygiene standards" officially released May 1, 2018 formally implemented. A comprehensive set of al

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  • Pribolab Launches Pribolab IPS-6060 Automated Immunity Affinity Operator, Real Hands Free![2017-12-25 14:16:56]

    Pribolab Launches Pribolab IPS-6060 Automated Immunity Affinity Operator for Rapid Automated Immunopurification, Real Hands Free.Mycotoxins testing process: sampling crushing --- extraction --- purifi

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  • State Food Administration released 33 line superscript involving ultra-high performance liquid chromatography method[2017-12-25 14:16:38]

    Recently, the State Grain Administration released 33 recommended industry standards such as Long-stemmed Almond Seeds and Ren, which will be formally implemented on December 20, 2017.The published ind

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  • Food and drug administration: the second quarter, the overall national food sampling pass rate of 97.8%[2017-12-25 14:16:15]

    According to the State Food and Drug Administration informed that in the second quarter of 2017, a total of 342594 batches of food (including health food and food additives) sample supervision and sam

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  • Cervatomycin[2017-12-22 15:23:46]

    Cervatomycin, mainly produced by the genus Alternaria, is a type of mycotoxin that is potentially harmful to health. Such fungi often contaminate fruits, vegetables, and other crops during growth and

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