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Pribolab Launches Pribolab IPS-6060 Automated Immunity Affinity Operator, Real Hands Free!

2017-12-25 14:16:56

Pribolab Launches Pribolab IPS-6060 Automated Immunity Affinity Operator for Rapid Automated Immunopurification, Real Hands Free.

Mycotoxins testing process: sampling crushing --- extraction --- purification --- sample analysis, the experimental data show that 80% of mycotoxin detection and analysis of errors from the sample, 20% from the sample pretreatment, and the impact of detection equipment almost Can be ignored. Therefore, to do a good job before the experimental steps on the success of the experiment is essential. Immunoaffinity column because of its strong specificity, a lot of mycotoxin testing pre-treatment will choose immunoaffinity column for purification.

Immunoaffinity column to complete a sample purification required:

3 steps

1-2 times solution / step,

3-6 different solutions / samples.

Immunoaffinity column operation time is too long? ? ?

Small sample of single operation, inefficient? ? ?

Can not control the flow rate of each step? ? ?

Must be trained, after training should be repeatedly drilled familiar? ? ?

Operating error, the results of large deviation? ? ?

Multiple exposure to organic reagents? ? ?

People's emotions irritability, errors increase? ? ?

... ...

Pribolab IPS-6060 Automated Immune Affinity Controller These problems are all for you to solve! ! !

This artifact will sample / elution / elution standard program integration, in order to achieve rapid automated immune purification and Health;

Meet the 2015 version of the new Pharmacopoeia, mycotoxin new national standard and the EU, AOAC and other international standards.

Automatic immunoaffinity operator has the following characteristics:

1. Integrated sample loading, elution, elution standard program, in line with the new national standard;

2. Take the sample placed under the type, place 12 samples at a time;

3. Using dual-channel simultaneous purification, 2 hours to complete a batch processing;

4. Uniform bi-directional enrichment, effectively ensure the binding rate of antibodies and antigens;

5 multi-frequency automatic cleaning flow path, low residue (<0.01%), eliminate cross-contamination;

6. The standard procedure is stable, reproducible and consistent, with a proven recovery> 90%.

7. The whole machine to upgrade the immunoaffinity column, the cost is 20-30% lower than the traditional column.

Supporting immune affinity column

1, smaller size

2, the column capacity is higher;

3, strong specificity, good purification effect;

4, with the entire system, the recovery rate as high as 90%.

The instrument is suitable for immunoaffinity purification of biological toxins, veterinary drug residues, pigments and prohibited residues in food, feedstuff, traditional Chinese medicine and milk samples, and is compatible with different loading volumes required by the new national standard. It is very suitable for trace contaminants Extraction and analysis.

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