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NEW ARRIVAL! Pribolab®Alternaria Toxins 13C Stable Isotope Labeled Internal Standards

When we talk about mycotoxins, the first thing we think about is the strong carcinogen aflatoxin. However, there are many kinds of toxins, different fugal species produce different toxins. According to the research, it was showed that Alternaria is widely distributed, and its toxic metabolite—— Alternaria toxins, which contaminate crops quite commonly. Although the consumption of food containing small amount of toxin will not cause acute poisoning, long-term consumption may cause chronic poisoning, which seriously threatens the health and safety of human beings and animals, and has attracted great attention from all over the world.


The EU has issued scientific opinions on the health risks of Alternaria toxins in food and feed to human beings and livestock.(version 2020). In this manual, the standard operating procedure for the determination of Alternaria toxins in grains and their products (wheat flour, noodles, biscuits, bread, steamed bread, etc.), tomatoes and their products (tomato sauce, etc.), cherries and vegetable oil——isotope diluted LC-MS was published. Pribolab's R&D team has been studying on Altenaria toxins.We will make brief introduction about our company's Altenaria toxins 13C stable isotope internal standards.

Pribolab® 13C stable isotope internal standards

Compared with deuterium isotope internal standard, 13C stable isotope labeled internal standard is used to substitute the carbon skeleton , the physicochemical property of labeled standards is more closed to the originals, and its structure is more stable.13C stable isotope labeled internal standard could effectively correct the matrix effect, eliminate the experimental error, and improve the accuracy and precision of the result.13C stable isotope labeled internal standards can be added at different steps: in tested samples, during purification process or at the step before LC-MS/MS testing(its correction effect is different when added at different steps), then the rapid test can be realized.

Pribolab® Alternaria Toxins Isotope Labeled Internal Standards

U-[13C14]-Alternariol, U-[13C15]-Alternariol, U-[13C15]-Alternariol monomethyl Ether, U-[13C19]-Tentoxin, U-[13C10]-Tenuazonic Acid, U-[13C19]-Altenuene.

*The regular packing format is 1.2ml,other concentration and size can be also tailored.

We can also supply Alternaria toxins solid/liquid standards, please call +86 400 6885 349 for details.

The types of Alternaria toxins

The known Alternaria toxins can be classified into 5 categories based on chemical structure, there are more than 70 kinds of Alternaria toxins.Following Alternaria toxins have toxicological significance. Alternariol (AOH), Alternariol methyl ether (AME), Altenuene (ALT), and Tenuazonic Acid(TeA) ,Tentoxin (TEN), Alternaria toxins (ATXs). The level of Tenuazonic Acid(TeA) is the highest, and has been included in the Toxic substance registered list.

The hazard of Altenaria toxins: because Altenaria is easy to reproduce and grow in low temperature and humid environment, which cause spoilage of fruits, vegetables and grains during cold storage or long-distance transportation.The Altenaria toxins has acute toxicity, carcinogenesis, teratogenesis, mutagenicity and other toxicity to human and animals.

About Pribolab

Pribolab was founded in 2008, it focuses on the R&D and application of food safety (especially biotoxins) testing products. After more than ten years of development, Pribolab has become a comprehensive company integrating R&D and application, production and sales, testing technology development and testing services. Pribolab has an internationally certified testing lab as the technical support, and successively launched four professional technology R&D and product application platforms in the field of food safety. At present, R&D and application have covered mycotoxins, cyanotoxin/marine toxin, food allergens, GMO, food Constituents analysis (carbohydrate, acids, alcohols), vitamins, prohibited additives and other fields, especially biotoxins standards, stable isotope internal standards (13C, 15N), immunoaffinity column, multifunctional purification column, ELISA Kit/colloidal gold test strips and sample pretreatment instrument are widely used and recognized in different industries.

Pribolab provided high-quality products to guarantee test accurately, and promotes the progress of testing technology through innovative research and development. Pribolab,innovating for food safety everyday!

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NEW ARRIVAL! Pribolab®Alternaria Toxins 13C Stable Isotope Labeled Internal Standards
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