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Food Allergen Testing, How Should I Choose?

Food safety is the most important concern for citizens of any country. There are many factors that affect food safety, such as mold pollution and pathogenic bacteria pollution. There is another factor affecting food safety, which is only harmful to some people, that is, food allergy, which may lead to anaphylactic shock or even death in severe cases. As a hot issue of food safety, food allergy has attracted widespread attention around the world. According to the data of the World Health Organization, currently 22%-25% of the world's people suffer from allergic diseases. Among them, food allergy accounts for the vast majority of allergic diseases. As of today, there is no drug for the treatment of food allergies. Clinically, allergies can be improved mainly by staying away from foods that cause allergies or changing lifestyles and dietary structures.


As an enterprise focusing on food safety, Pribolab has launched a series of food allergen ELISA kits, food allergen rapid detection test strips, surface allergen protein smear sticks and other products to help food companies reduce allergen risks. 


Pribolab Food Allergen Detection Solution

Based on many allergen detection methods, how should I choose the correct allergen solution as a company?


1. Specific proteins detected + No need for quantification: Food allergen test strips

Food allergen test strips cover nine categories of food allergens, and also other common allergens, such as mango, celery, etc. It can detect food, water samples and environmental surfaces.


2. Non-specific proteins detected + No need for quantification: Surface allergen protein hygiene monitoring system

Rapid surface cleaning test can be performed in food processing.

Product advantages: 

suitable for on-site testing, no need for instrument cooperation

Integrated design, good performance and easy operation

5 minutes on-site results, which can be judged by naked eyes

Reasonable price, essential for daily testing


3. Quantification Analysis: Food allergen ELISA kit

Food allergen ELISA kit can detect various of matrixes, such as food, cleaning water and environmental surfaces

Product advantages: 

Quantitative detection, in line with national standards

Simple operation, customers only need to provide samples

Fast, incubation time within 60 minutes

High-quality technical support services 

Pribolab is committed to food safety every day!

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