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Rapid Test Strips

General Description

Rapid test strips are designed for preliminary screening, qualitative detection with advantages of high specificity and sensitivity. Pribolab has successfully developed qualitative GMO rapid test strips for seeds and leaves detection.

Test Principle

A colloidal gold-based immunochromatographic assay is an effective screening method and developed with two monoclonal antibodies (McAbs) to detect target allergen protein. It is based on immunoaffinity partition of the analyte between sample migrating laterally through a porous membrane and a finite “affinity zone” prepared by immobilizing an antibody on the membrane.

Product Advantages

Rapid Detection (<12 min)

Easy to perform

Qualitative analysis

Applicable for both seeds and leaves testing

High sensitivity, easy to read results

# Cat. No. Product Name Tests
1 PRS-BG120 AM79 EPSPS Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
2 PRS-LS120 AM79 EPSPS Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
3 PRS-GM060 CP4 EPSPS Rapid Test Strip 100T
4 PRS-BG2003 CP4 EPSPS&PAT/bar Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
5 PRS-LS2003 CP4 EPSPS&PAT/bar Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
6 PRS-GM010 Cry1Ab/Ac Rapid Test Strip 100T
7 PRS-BG2001 Cry1Ab/Ac&CP4 EPSPS Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
8 PRS-LS2001 Cry1Ab/Ac&CP4 EPSPS Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
9 PRS-BG2002 Cry1Ab/Ac&PAT/bar Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
10 PRS-LS2002 Cry1Ab/Ac&PAT/bar Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
11 PRS-BG030 Cry1C Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
12 PRS-LS030 Cry1C Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
13 PRS-BG040 Cry1F Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
14 PRS-LS040 Cry1F Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
15 PRS-BG050 Cry2Ab Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
16 PRS-LS050 Cry2Ab Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
17 PRS-BG080 G10 EPSPS Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
18 PRS-LS080 G10 EPSPS Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
19 PRS-BG090 G2 EPSPS Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
20 PRS-LS090 G2 EPSPS Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
21 PRS-BG110 GAT Rapid Test Strip-BG 100T
22 PRS-LS110 GAT Rapid Test Strip-LS 100T
23 PRS-GM070 PAT, bar Rapid Test Strip 100T

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