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Enzymatic Assay Kits

General Description

Enzymatic assay kits, which can be detected by a spectrophotometer or an enzymatic food analyzer, can quickly and accurately quantitatively analyze specific components in food, and be suitable for various purposes such as research analysis and quality control. Our products are widely used to test food composition in a range of materials, for example, vegetable, food, fruit juice, dairy, wine, sugar, feed, health products, fermented products, pharmaceutical products, condiments, etc.

Test Principle

For the enzymatic method, the biological enzyme is used for converting a specific target into another compound which is responsible for the change of the analytical signal. The method is recommended by multiple international organizations, and written into food regulations of multiple countries.

Product Advantages

Quantitative analysis and detection

Accurate results, high precision, strong specificity and high sensitivity;

Simple sample preparation

Short assay time: 5-50 minutes

Spectrophotometer or enzymatic analyzer

Internationally certified detection method

# Cat. No. Product Name Tests
1 RP010 D-Glucose Assay kit 30T
2 RP012 D-Glucose, D-Fructose Assay kit 100T
3 RP013 D-Glucose, D-Fructose, Sucrose Assay kit 100T
4 RP014 Total Starch Assay Kit 100T
5 RP014FG Total Starch Assay Kit(SP) 100T
6 RP015 Galactose Assay Kit 80T
7 RP016 Lactose & Glucose Assay Kit 100T
8 RP017 Trehalose Assay Kit 100T
9 RP018 D-Xylose Assay Kit 100T
10 RP030 L-Malic Acid Assay Kit 100T
11 RP031 D-Malic Acid Assay Kit 100T
12 RP032 L-Lactic Acid Assay Kit 100T
13 RP033 D-Lactic Acid Assay Kit 100T
14 RP034 Acetic Acid Assay Kit 100T
15 RP035 Gluconic Acid Assay Kit 100T
16 RP036 Pyruvate Assay Kit 100T
17 RP037 Citric Acid Assay Kit 100T
18 RP038 L-Ascorbic Acid Assay Kit Coming Soon
19 RP039 Isocitric Acid Assay Kit Coming Soon
20 RP040 Tartaric Acid Assay Kit Coming Soon
21 RP041 β-Hydroxybutyric Acid Assay Kit Coming Soon
22 RP042 Glutamic Acid Assay Kit Coming Soon
23 RP060 Ethanol Assay Kit Coming Soon
24 RP061 Cholesterol Assay Kit Coming Soon
25 RP062 Glycerol Assay Kit Coming Soon
26 RP063 D-Mannitol Assay Kit Coming Soon
27 RP070 Urea/Ammoniac Assay Kit Coming Soon
28 RP071 Ketonic Assay Kit Coming Soon
29 RP072 Acetaldehyde Assay Kit Coming Soon
30 RP073 Amino nitrogen Assay Kit Coming Soon

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