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About Us

Pribolab pte. ltd.

Since its establishment in 2008, Pribolab has been focusing on food safety testing products, especially for biotoxins, and technical solutions. Our products have covered in a wide variety of fields, such as mycotoxins, cyanotoxins and marine toxins, food allergens, genetically modified organisms, and food composition analyses, veterinary drug residues, and prohibited additives. Based on different detection methods, Pribolab provides various products, which comply with the food standard regulations of many countries, and can be applied to complex matrices, for example, grains, food, herbal materials, juice, dairy, wine, feed, condiments, snacks, fermented products, etc.

The featured products include solid and liquid standards, 13C and 15N stable isotope labeled internal standards, immunoaffinity columns (IAC), multi-function purification columns (MFC), ELISA kits, and rapid test strips, etc. Also, we provide various of analytical equipment, such as the photochemical derivatization reactor, the lateral flow reader and so on.

We are proud to offer industry-leading products with high quality and advisory services, and seeking for continuous improvement and technical innovations. We contribute to support our customers to achieve fast and precise testing results for their business.

We are passionate about technical innovation and devote ourselves to food safety every day.

Corporate Culture

We are passionate about service for you

Corporate mission

Focus on mycotoxin detection and make unremitting efforts for human food safety

Company vision

Become a global professional mycotoxin detection solution service provider

Corporate values

Integrity, Quality, Collaboration, Innovation