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Anatoxin ELISA Kit

Quantitative Range: 0.15-5 μg/kg

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Tests: 96 T

detectionRange(μg/kg): 0.15-5 μg/kg


General Description

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a labeled immunoassay, which is a commonly used for analytical biochemistry testing. An ELISA kit is a quick, convenient and simple product to quantitatively and qualitatively detect a specific toxin in a sample extract. At present, the ELISA method has been included in food standard regulations by many countries to detect marine toxins in seafood and algae.

Test Principle

Competitive ELISA utilizes two specific antibodies, an enzyme-conjugated antibody and secondary antibody. Two antibodies compete with the protein of interest. The presence of a color change means that the test is negative because the enzyme-conjugated antibody bound the antigens.

Product Advantages

Competition ELISA principle

High sensitivity and recovery rate

Simple and easy operation

Suitable for on-site, rapid, large-volume sample testing, etc.

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