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Bongkrekic Acid: Invisible Food Killer

In 1895, there was a food-poisoning outbreak, caused by one kind of Indonesian traditional food, Tempe Bongkrek, in Java of Indonesia. After decades, bongkrekic acid was found from food and reported that mortality rate was turned out to be 50%.…

Expansion of Production Capacity: Our New Production Base Completed

Since its establishment, Pribolab has been deeply involved in the R&D and application of food testing products (especially biotoxins) for many years. Currently, our products have covered mycotoxins, cyanotoxins, marine toxins, food allergens, GMOs, food composition analysis, prohibited additives and…

Into Food Testing — Pribolab®Mycotoxin Evaporator System

Pribolab®EQ-EVP 3024 Mycotoxin Concentrator is a set of fast and efficient evaporation and concentration system for organic solvents that is widely used and easy to operate according to the needs of organic solvent evaporation and concentration in modern laboratories. It is…