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Fumonisin B1 ELISA Kit

Tests:  48/96 T

SKU: HWEKT-050 Category:


Tests:  48/96 T

Standard_Curve_Range(μg/kg): 1-70

Fumonisin B1

Fumonisins are produced by the fungus Fusarium moniliformeFusarium verticillum, and Fusarium multiformum. Fumonisins B1 and B2 are two of the most common and most toxic toxins in nature. It is mainly found in corn and corn products, and there are also low concentrations of fumonisins in noodles, condiments, beer, etc.


Fumonisins ELISA Kit is a highly sensitive testing product, capable of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the toxin residues in cereals, vegetable oil, etc.


Fumonisin B1: 100%

Fumonisin B2: 1.82%

Fumonisin B2: 34.2%


Cat. No. EKT-050
Tests 48/96 T
LOQ (Limit of Quantitation) 100 μg/kg
LOD (Limit of Detection) 30 μg/kg
Total Incubation Time 45 min (30/15 min)
Assay Principle Indirect Competitive ELISA
Storage Temperature 2-8℃



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48T, 96T


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