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Hazelnut Rapid Test Strip


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sensitivity(μg/kg):  0.25mg/kg(0.125μg/100cm2)

Hazelnut Rapid Test Strip

PriboStrip™ Food Allergen Rapid Test Strip is an immuno-chromatographic test for the qualitative detection of food allergen in FOOD. The test can be used for the detection of small amounts of allergen from unknown ingredient or ambiguous labeling in processed food.


No cross-reaction with milk, egg, peanut, shrimp, gluten, soy, cashew, walnut, and almond.

LOD (limit of determination) = Sensitivity × Dilution Ratio

Cat. No.: HWPRS-A110
Tests: 10/20 T
Sensitivity (food): 0.25 mg/kg Hazelnut protein
Sensitivity (environment): 0.125 μg/100 cm2
Storage Temperature: 2-8℃

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10T, 20T


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