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PriboFast®Heparin Immunoaffinity Column

volume: 3mL Tests:  25/50 T

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Vitamin Immunoaffinity Columns

General Description

PriboFast®Vitamin Immunoaffinity Columns are used to purify and concentrate vitamins from complicated matrices, such as food, health care products, feed, herbal materials, etc. Our products are applicable for purification of various vitamins, such as Vitamin B12 (cobalamin), Vitamin B7 (D-biotin), and Vitamin B9 (folic acid).

Test Principle

Based on monoclonal antibody technology, vitamin-antigen can specifically bind the specific antibody, and vitamins can be effectively purified or extracted.

Product Advantages

High specificity and high affinity of monoclonal antibodies

High purification efficiency of the target vitamin molecules

Stable and high recovery rate (≥90%), long shelf life

Simple and quick operation, saving time and cost.

Experiment Operation

Loading: The sample extract passes through the column at a certain speed.

Binding: The target vitamin compound is specifically bound to the antibody.

Washing: Impurities are removed.

Elution: Vitamin molecules are concentrated and collected.

Detection: Purified vitamin can be detected directly by HPLC, LC-MS/MS.

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25T, 50T


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