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Pribolab®Mycotoxin Vortex Mixer


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General Information

Pribolab® Mycotoxin Vortex Mixer is a novel high-efficiency instrument, which combines shaking and vortexing, for multi-tube mycotoxin extraction. Compared with the traditional ultrasonic extraction, the vortex mixer can increase the contact surface between the sample and the extraction solution through high-speed vortex, so that the extraction efficiency is greatly improved. In Comparison with the single-head vortexer, this product can complete the mycotoxin extraction for a dozen of tubes at the same time, which improves the experimental efficiency and makes the sample preparation experiment easier and more convenient.


Power supply 220 V ± 10% Frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
Power input 60 W Rotate Speed 800 – 2800 rpm
Capacity 12 × 50 mL Timer 0 – 15 minutes


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