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Aflatoxin Column

volume: 3mL Tests: 25 T

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volume: 3mL  Tests:  25T

PriboMIP™ Aflatoxin Column


Aflatoxins are the secondary metabolites produced by mould of the Aspergillus family, and can contaminate a variety of crops like peanuts, cereals, grains, tree nuts, etc. At present, a number of naturally-occurring aflatoxins have been identified, which include aflatoxin B1, aflatoxin B2, aflatoxin G1, and aflatoxin G2. Among them, aflatoxin B1 is the most common and toxic, which can cause liver cancer and other disease in human. Therefore, there are strict limits and regulations for aflatoxin total in food and feed all over the world.

Product Design

 Ready-to-use and optimized extraction procedures;

  High specificity, same as immunoaffinity column for sample cleanup of trace analysis;

  The operation is convenient and fast, and the purification time is about 30 minutes;

  Conforms to European Commission Regulation (EC) 1881/2006;

  Effectively remove interfering substances: 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF).

Validated Matrices

This product can selectively extract Aflatoxin toxins in Food, Grains, Nuts, Vinegar, Vegetable Oil, and Feed samples.

Cat. No. Tests Volume
MIP-010-3 25/50 T 3 mL

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