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U-[15N6]-Decarbamoylneosaxitoxin-20 µg/mL-Hydrochloride



Name: U-[15N6]-Decarbamoylneosaxitoxin-20 µg/mL-Hydrochloride
Cat. No.: STD#M102U
Content: U-[15N6]-Decarbamoylneosaxitoxin
Solvent: Hydrochloride
Concentration: 20 μg/mL


Instruction for Proper Use of the Standard

The product should be stored at -20℃ or below in a dark place. Before usage of the standard, it should be allowed to warm to room temperature (20±3℃). The recommended minimum amount for all kinds of application is 100 μL. The guarantee period is based on the current knowledge and holds only for proper storage conditions in the originally closed flasks.

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0.5ml, 1.2ml


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