Pribolab Pte. Ltd. is the global provider of food safety testing solutions, in particular rapid mycotoxin test solutions. We have offices and research institutes in Singpaore to develop the market leading advanced technology and products for our customers. Quality and Speed are our golden rules in both product development and customer service.


  • Solutions in Mycotoxin Testing
    Mycotoxin Standards
    PriboLab not only provides crystalline standards, and also provides various types of toxins liquid a...

    Immunoaffinity Column
    High specific Antibodie/High capacity column/Efficient purification/High recovery rate/AOAC standard...

    ELISA Kit
    Pre-treatment purification cartridge: fast detection, accurate and wide range of quantification, hig...

    Purification Column
    Utilizes multiple mechanisms for adsorption of impurities and rapid extraction method of purificatio...

    KRC Photochemical Reactor
    Intended for the quantitative analysis of Aflatoxin in all relevant food and feed commodities. For l...