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Expansion of Production Capacity: Our New Production Base Completed

Since its establishment, Pribolab has been deeply involved in the R&D and application of food testing products (especially biotoxins) for many years. Currently, our products have covered mycotoxins, cyanotoxins, marine toxins, food allergens, GMOs, food composition analysis, prohibited additives and other fields. Featured products include biotoxin standards, stable isotope internal standards (13C, 15N), immunoaffinity columns (IAC), multifunctional purification columns (MFC), ELISA kits, rapid test products and various instruments, which are widely used and recognized in different industries.

 Pribolab Headquarter — MAX Business Hongwan, High-tech Zone, Qingdao

With the growing market demand brought about by food safety, Pribolab decided to build a new production base in Jiaozhou-Qingdao City. The new base solves the problem of insufficient existing production capacity, expands the production capacity of GMP-registered workshops, relocates and expands the R&D center, and increases downstream workshops for antibodies, etc.

New Production Base — Vanyang Crowd Innovation Park, Qingdao

The new production base is located in Vanyang Crowd Innovation Park, with a total construction area of 1.5 million square meters. The transportation of the new base is convenient, close to Metro Line 12 and Qinglan Highway entrance. 

We are very excited to sign a new production base successfully, for our future development based on the solid determination of devoting every day to food safety.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide quality products and global services for food safety with sustaining technical innovation.

Our Mission

We strive to improve accuracy and precision of testing with quality products, and to promote the progress of detection technology with routine innovation. 

Our Value

Integrity, Quality, Collaboration, Innovation

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