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Into Food Testing — Pribolab®Mycotoxin Evaporator System

Pribolab®EQ-EVP 3024 Mycotoxin Concentrator is a set of fast and efficient evaporation and concentration system for organic solvents that is widely used and easy to operate according to the needs of organic solvent evaporation and concentration in modern laboratories. It is a CDC capacity building product. This product can quickly realize the evaporation and concentration of organic solvents in a fully enclosed environment, avoid cross-contamination and can be applied to the concentration process of organic/inorganic solvents in various laboratories.

Operation Features

  1. Simplify the evaporation process and save concentration time;
  2. Achieve trace residues and avoid cross-contamination;
  3. Avoid the difference in the operation of different personnel from affecting the accuracy;
  4. Avoid contact with high concentrations of toxic and harmful solvents

Advantages of Products

  • Stainless steel shell and piping system resistant to organic solvent corrosion;
  • Realize the small volume concentration of the solution in a short time, fast and efficient;
  • Concentration is realized in a closed state to avoid cross-contamination between different samples and ensure the safety of the entire concentration system;
  • According to the different sample volume, the dry bath is equipped with single/double modules, the temperature can be controlled from room temperature to 150℃, and the temperature difference of each well position does not exceed ±0.7℃;
  • Equipped with a continuous evaporator made of all stainless steel, the dual temperature control system is more intelligent, and realizes the evaporation and concentration of two solvents at different temperatures;

Intelligent Adjustment

  • The dry bath temperature controller has a switch button and a temperature control knob.
  • Adjust the temperature control knob and the thermometer will display the corresponding heating temperature.
  • The vacuum pump has two knobs to adjust the vacuum degree of the incoming gas and the pressure of the exhaust gas.
  • The evaporator has 4/6 adjustable switching valves, which are used to adjust the gas flow from the test tube to the hose or to close them all;

Application Field

  • Detection of physical and chemical microorganisms in the food industry;
  • Detection of pharmaceutical ingredients such as Chinese herbal medicine preparations;
  • Protein detection in biological samples;
  • Environmental sample testing;
  • research university field research

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