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Pribolab®ELISA Plate Reader


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General Information

Pribolab®DR-3500 ELISA Plate Reader is used with PriboFast®ELISA kit series, for qualitative or quantitative detection of target analytes in grains, food and feed, etc. There are abundance functions: absorbance mode, cut-off qualitative calculation, single-point scaling, polyline regression, linear regression, exponential regression, logarithmic regression, double logarithmic regression, log-logit power regression and other calculation. It has a flexible qualitative formula input function to meet the different parameter settings of same reagents and different reagents methods.


Built-in embedded system, no need for external PC;

Full screen display of 96-well plate data, intuitive visual layout operation interface;

Convenient touchscreen input with optional external mouse and keyboard;

Four measurement methods: single-wavelength/dual-wavelength/two-point method/kinetic method;

Layout and save import functions greatly improve the testing efficiency of frequently used projects;

Optional external PC software, network support, to meet the direction of digital development, can be customized upload;

Printing: Built-in thermal printer, external printer can be connected;

Slats type: standard 96-well or other type enzyme plates, strips;


Size (L×W×H) 475 mm×340 mm×210 mm Weight 10 kg
Display 7-inch LCD touch screen Wavelength range 400~800 nm
Sensitivity ≥0.01 (L/mg) Absorbance range 0.000~4.000A
Measuring speed <10 seconds/strip Temperature 5~40℃
Voltage AC 220 ±22 V, 50±1 Hz Humidity 15%~80%


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