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Pribolab®Fluorescence quantitative Detection System


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General Information

LFR-TC is used with PriboStrip™Quantitative Rapid Test Strip series, for qualitative or quantitative detection of various mycotoxins in grains, food and feed, etc. It is an upgraded version, which integrates detection and incubation, and embedded with printing function, which is convenient for experimental technicians to operate. LFR-TC is widely used in the rapid analysis of mycotoxins in finished products and raw materials in agriculture, food, pharmaceutical quality inspection.


Integration of incubator module and testing function

Embedded printer

Faster reading results

Transmission quickly of detection data with multi-connections

Standard curves configured in the IC cards

Color touch screen for comfortable operation interface


Size (h×w×d) 154 mm×403 mm×265 mm Weight 5 kg
Display 7-inch LCD touch screen Incubators 6 positions
Data transmission USB, network interface Input power 30 W
Measuring speed <10 seconds/strip Temperature -10~40℃
Incubation temperature ±0.5~65℃ Voltage AC 100-240 V

List of detectable mycotoxins (continuous development of new products)

Detectable Mycotoxins Detection Range (μg/kg) Storage
Aflatoxin B1 3-100 In stock
Zearalenone 20-500 In stock
Deoxynivalenol 100-4000 In stock
Ochratoxin A 0-100 Coming soon
Aflatoxin M1 0-5 Coming soon
Aflatoxin Total 0-50 Coming soon
Fumonisin B1 0-6000 Coming soon



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