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Pribolab®Multifunction Derivatization System


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General Information

Multifunction Derivatization System is another pinnacle of Pribolab’s development of post-column derivatization instruments. The instrument has a number of utility model patents, and for the first time integrates reagent derivatization and optical derivatization, which can meet most derivatization needs.

MDS-3000+ is an upgrade of MDS-3000 in all aspects. Not only is the appearance design more compact, but its safety performance and core materials have also been upgraded for better use experience.

MDS-3100 adopts a dual flow path design, which can be freely switched between reagent derivatization and light derivatization. It frees analysts from tedious manual derivation and effectively improves detection efficiency.

It can be used with various brands of liquid chromatography (LC) and ion chromatography (IC), effectively expanding the analysis range of the chromatography system, and has very important applications in the fields of food, feed, medicine, health care products, heavy metals, and inorganic salts.


Determination of ammonium methyl ester pesticides and residues by OPA derivatization method

Determination of glycerophosphate esters by OPA derivatization method; Determination of aflatoxin by iodization derivatization method; Determination of amino acids by OPA derivatization method;Determination of amino acids by ninhydrin derivatization method;

Determination of taurine in food; Determination of aflatoxin by photochemical derivatization method;

MDS Configuration Table

Name MDS-3000-S MDS-3000-D MDS-3100
Version Basic Pro Basic Pro Basic Pro
Size (h×w×d) 350 mm×220 mm×560 mm 320 mm×220 mm×560 mm 540 mm×360 mm×560 mm
Pump(s) Single Double Single Double Single Double
Pump Head Self-cleaning
Photo-derivation Module × × × ×
Flow Channel Auto-switch × × × ×
Single Backflow Preventer
Chemical Reaction Pool Default: 0.5 mL + 1 mL; Optional: 0.1-2 mL


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