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Pribolab®Auto-enzymatic Food Analyzer


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General Information

Auto-enzymatic Food Analyzer is an instrument for measuring a specific chemical composition based on the principle of photoelectric colorimetry. The instrument can be used for quality control, finished product quality inspection and engineering research analysis in the fields of food, juice, dairy, feed, fermentation, pharmaceuticals and other processing and production.

The instrument is designed for automatic integration, including precise incubation control, pipetting device, detection and analysis, automatic cleaning and software programs. Realize no need for personnel to stay behind, greatly improving laboratory efficiency and saving costs.


Visual parameter setting to meet various detection needs

Wide detection wavelength range 340nm~630nm

Support 54 samples to test at the same time

Precise temperature control of the reaction plate, automatic cleaning of the reaction cup

Test methods include endpoint method, kinetic method, two-point method, etc.

Unlimited additional tests, urgent priority

Fully automatic 7-stage 15-step cleaning, more thorough cleaning, and no cross-contamination.


Size (L×W×H) 566 mm × 559 mm × 601 mm
Operating system Windows
Power AC 100-240 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Absorbance 0~4.0 A, Distinguishability 0.0001 A
Data transmission Support the connection with HIS and LIS systems
Standard curve method Multipoint line, Logit, Spline, etc
Light splitting method Spot light spot after optical fiber transmission and fully enclosed light spot detection system


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